CSV Format of SecretSafe's backup.txt file

Example of a backup file:

"note","Note title","Line 1\nLine 2\nLine 3", "2013-08-12T16:00:00","Category name"
"up", "Username/Password title","username","password","Help with additional data, e.g. URL:\nhttps://www.google.com/accounts/Login","2013-08-12T16:00:00","Category name"
"pin","PIN title","primary PIN","secondary PIN","Help for PIN with additional data","2013-08-12T16:00:00","Category name"
"link","Link title","http://www.example.com/url","2013-08-12T16:00:00","Category name"
"contact","Contact title","epr","mail.private@domain","ewo","mail.work@domain","2013-08-12T16:00:00","Category name"

Format and content of the CSV columns:

Format and content of the columns 3 ... n-2:


Column 3: The note content. Use \n for new lines.


Column 3: User name

Column 4: Password

Column 5: Hints. Use \n for new lines.


Column 3: Primary PIN

Column 4: PUK/PUC or secondary PIN

Column 5: Hints. Use \n for new lines.


Column 3: The linked URL. You may use any valid Android protocol handler (http:, mailto:, sms:, ...)


Column 3: Contact type: epr|ewo|ppr|pwo|mpr|mwo|txt

Column 4: Contact value depending on type

Column 5: Contact type: epr|ewo|ppr|pwo|mpr|mwo|txt

Column 6: Contact value depending on type

... multiple pairs of type and vaue are possible

Contact types: