Information on PC Versions

Since September 2015 there is also a PC version for SecretSafe available.

This version is realized purely in Java, so it may run on all platforms where a Java Runtime 8 is installed. This includes all versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux or MacOS. If you do not have an up-to-date Java runtime on your PC, download one from before the installation of SecretSafe's PC version.

The program is shipped primarily as a single portable JAR file. If your Java installation is setup correctly, you can double-click the JAR file and the programm will open. For Microsoft Windows operating systems, there is also an executable to start the programm. .

List of Downloads:

Usage Hints

  • The program can open, edit and save backup files from both SecretSafe and SecretSafe Lite
  • It can open encrypted backup files (backup*.zip) and unencrypted backup files (backup*.txt).
  • It includes a function to print all stored secrets using a complete HTML export to the standard browser. Please read the hints in the program on this feature carefully, because it can be a severe security risk! It was introduced because a number of customers requested a print function in the Android app, where printing secrets might be even more critical.
  • Currently it supports English and German language. The language can be switched within the user interface.